OEM Products

(Original Equipment manufacturing)

In respect of our OEM customers, we are provided with technical drawings and we need not design the product for them. Our OEM customers will specify all applicable specifications and standards that they require before we start producing products for them. Products produced under this business model will be utilised by our OEM customers directly.

ODM Products

(Original Design Manufacturing)

In respect of our ODM customers, we may have to work-out the design as well as all technical specifications from start to finish. Sometimes we are required to participate in the design and to work on the specifications for certain area to produce the slewing rings. Sometimes we are given the technical details to produce the slewing rings.

OBM Products

(Original Brand Manufacturing)

All products produced for our OBM customers will be sold under our own brands. Unlike products produced for our ODM and OEM customers, we will be in charge of the product packaging and its design for our OBM customers.


Widely applied to over 400 types of models


Single-row four-point contact ball slewing ring
(HS series, Q series and 01 series)

This type of product consists of two seatrings. The structure is compact and the product is light. The rolling elements (in the form of steel balls) come in contact with the arched raceway at four points can withstand radial, axial forces and tilting moments simultaneously.


Single-row roller slewing ring
(11 series, HJ series and J series)

This type of product consists of two seatrings. The structure is compact and the product is light. It is manufactured with high precision and small assembly clearance. The rolling elements come in the form of rollers. It can withstand relatively larger radial force compared to other type of products.


Triple-row roller slewing ring
(13 Series)

The triple-row cylindrical roller slewing ring has three seat-rings. The rolling elements come in the form of rollers. It is designed to carry heavy loads where little space is available. Its shaft and radial dimensions are larger than the other type of slewing rings and it has the strongest structure.


Double-row ball slewing ring
(02 series)

This type of slewing rings has three seat-rings and two rows of rolling elements (in the form of steel balls). According to the load-bearing condition, two rows of steel balls with different diameters are arranged. This arrangement enables the product to withstand large axial forces and tilting moments. The axial and radial dimensions of the double-row ball slewing ring are relatively large, and the structure is strong.


Slim series slewing ring

This type of slewing ring has an increased cross section and bore diameter as compared to the standard slewing rings. Its slim features help save weight, reduce friction, create space, provide excellent running accuracy and increase design flexibility.


Light series slewing ring

This type of slewing ring has the same structure as the others but it is lighter and helps to save weight.


provide customers with various consulting services by leveraging our industry knowledge

Professional Consultation Services

Pre-sale consultation

One-stop service

One-stop service provided to customers including design and production of slewing rings for newly developed equipment

Custom-made Slewing Rings

Custom make slewing rings according to customer specifications and instructions

Manufacture old models

Manufacture old models of slewing rings for machineries which already ceased production

Maintenance Training

Provide customers with installation and maintenance training

On-site Service

On-site measurement and sampling quality check for customers

Production in Special Circumstances

provide expedited and tactical production rearrangement in emergency or special circumstances

Source For Customers

Other products that we source for our customers include slewing rings and machinery components and parts that are relevant to the type of machine on which our slewing rings will be installed


Logistics arrangements for customers