Kyoei Seiki CO., Ltd guarantees its products against defective materials or workmanship but subjected to the following conditions:

General Warranty Term

The products are guaranteed for a maximum term of:

– 18 months after the date of the invoice issued from Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd; or
– 12 months after the date of the invoice issued to the end user; or
– 2000 working hours.

The warranty is invalid if any one of the above terms is/are beyond.

General Conditions for Warranty Application

Warranty claims will not be accepted unless the following conditions are fulfilled.

– product used exclusively on the machine for which it was designed;
– original condition of the product that is the subject of the warranty claim; in particular, the warranty does not cover products that have been repaired or welded;
– machine used under normal conditions; and
– proper maintenance and appropriate use of the machine.

Claim Management Procedure

Claims must be forwarded to Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd in writing, by email and accompanied by pictures of the affected product.

Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd reserves the right to request that customers return material that is the subject of warranty claims to a factory who manufactured the product. In order to perform detailed analyses to identify the possible defects that gave rise to the claim.


If the analysis of the products that are subject to warranty claims fails to identify evidence of defects or non conformity,Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd shall have the faculty to bill the customer for the cost of transport and any external analysis conducted by third party laboratories and/or institutions.

Effects of Accepted Warranty Claims

If the analyses of the cause of the claim, and/or the laboratory analyses performed by Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd indicate that the defect is a result of the manufacturing process and/or the materials, Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd will grant the customer the following:

Standard replacement

Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd may undertake to deliver, free of charge to the customer’s main warehouse, an identical or equivalent replacement part, or equivalent credit will be granted.

Restriction to indemnification

No additional indemnity will be due to the customer for:

– breakage of any other machine components attribute to the defective product;
– time loss or less which is unmeasurable;
– any transport charge except faulty material return from the customer’s main warehouse to Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd

Restriction to indemnification

– The items relative to recognized warranty claims for which Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd grants indemnity, automatically become the property of Kyoei Seiki Co., Ltd

Applicable Standards and Quality Assurance

We are able to produce slewing rings adopting both applicable national JB or JB/T standards and JIS. We have sufficient measurement in place and conduct quality assurance test on the products to ensure that our products conform to these standards at all times.

We hereby confirm and acknowledge the above showing the terms of warranty, and our Company reserves all rights of final interpretations and decisions.